Herschell Carrousel Factory Museum

Herschell Carrousel Factory Museum


Website: http://www.carrouselmuseum.net/

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 180 Thompson St, North Tonawanda, NY 14120

Special-interest museum that features the historical and elaborate Herschell carousels in the original factory building. Ride our 102 year old carousel! Our band organs play every day. Enjoy 3 Wurlitzer organs and an Artizan grand organ. Special events for a family audience are presented each month.

1916 #1 Special
This historic carousel has 36 hand carved horses and over 580 lights.  The carousel was intended as a thrill ride for adults. Our carousel is unique because it combines two different styles of horses. The larger horses on the outer row of the carousel are the ‘new and improved’ 1916 Allan Herschell style while the two inner rows of horses are an from the late 1890s.

Kiddie Carrousel
Our Childrens Gallery houses a small 1940s aluminum carousel, called a ‘Kiddie Carousel’. The Allan Herschell Company created  it for small children to ride without the need for adults to accompany them. The horses are child-size and the machine moves slower than a full sized carousel. We only permit children under 43 inches tall on our Kiddie Carousel, as intended by the Allan Herschell Company.